Benefits of RotoMaire's Unparalleled Supply Chain Transparency


Quantitative Benefits


  • Legal - Not knowing what to do next in a moment of crisis is expensive. Most companies end up engaging expensive consultants or attorneys which ends up taking too much time while costs remain unknown. We guide you with the legal preparation of product recall using our various partnerships with the top Law Firms in the United States and our relationships with all the U.S. Federal Agencies




  • Liability - Having a faulty product on a store shelf or worse, in a consumer's possession can cause hefty penalties if someone gets injured. Our technology radically reduces your exposure to liability as our product-mapping technology allows us to notify every stakeholder within seconds, compared to weeks in the current broken system. 




  • Staffing - It is unreasonable to expect every company to have a full-response team on payroll when you might not even issue a recall. With us on your side, you simply outsource and use our highly specialized industry experts and extended customer support team only if you issue a recall. 




  • Upfront pricing - Our pricing model is very simple and straightforward. Companies pay us a small monthly fee to monitor their products and data, and a one-time fee only if they issue a recall. Both numbers are calculated using three metrics - the value of the product, the number of units sold/recalled, and the severity/type of the recall/business

Qualitative Benefits


  • Brand Recognition - Companies with a large cash-flow can potentially survive a devastating product recall, but even such companies suffer the unforgivable disaster of Brand Recognition. The brand image for any company is of paramount importance. Many small to mid-size companies that issue recalls, end up filing for bankruptcy. Experts agree: the only way to deal with a recall is by responding fast and ensuring the person who bought the product, is actually notified. That's what we do!


  • Loyalty - In an increasingly competitive retail landscape, companies need to ensure that they build and retain their loyal consumers. Through numerous studies, we have found that consumers who are notified about a faulty product quickly and are offered a remediation plan are more likely to be retained. 


  • Membership - Join our growing network of pharmaceutical, food & beverage, CPG, government departments, schools, hospitals, technology companies, liability insurance companies, and many more organizations to solve a problem which benefits all of us. When fewer people are injured by the recalled product everyone benefits.  


  • Peace of Mind - No company can or should be staffed year-round for a recall that might not even occur. Instead, we offer best-in-class industry experts paired with technology and operators whose goal and mission is simple - keep people safe from faulty products and help businesses stay in businesses during a time of crisis. 

Brick and Mortar/Online Retailers

Benefits of Partnering with RotoMaire


  • A Better Consumer Experience - Every single consumer who shops at your virtual or physical location deserves to know if a product they bought has been recalled. Keeping your consumers safe and informed, without jeopardizing their identity/privacy is paramount. The RotoMaire Recall Notification service keeps your consumers notified, engaged and loyal to your brand.




  • Outsource your pain points - Supply chain management is hard, staffing for a recall is highly unpredictable, and supervising recalls of different size, severity, & scope is no easy feat. In the retail space where margins are already quite slim and inventory management is quite complex, we do all the 'data-mining' to figure out exactly which stores within your network are affected along with which consumers are at risk. We also work with the manufacturer to build a recovery plan that does not involve using your resources. 




  • Easy Rollout - We are strong believers that another enterprise software is not needed due to the high training, bug and feature restrictions. Instead, we simply latch onto whatever ERP/SCM/POS system you use to avoid training any of your associates. We can integrate with Oracle, SAP, Salesforce or even any custom-built tools using API access. 




  • Keep your organization informed - A large part of our offering is notifying any consumer that is affected by a recall and guiding them with next steps that are easy to follow. One of the perks of partnering with us is that we also notify any store that is carrying the recalled product and keep your supply chain safe and secure. This way, the retailer does not need to manage internal product recalls.




  • Transparency - The word RotoMaire signifies transparency. Our work with retailers from day-one is built on that transparency, hence we never use your data for any purpose outside of our contract. Our product is also built on a secure private blockchain, that way every move we make on the database is traced, additionally we are also audit friendly and compliant to every federal agency requirement for recall management. 
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